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Kreate By Karim cookware unique bent body design. Forged aluminum vessel for superior heat distribution. Non-stick Teflon classic coating or plasma ceramic coating for the interior to ensure the safety of cooking. High-temperature resistant silicon polyester coating for the exterior look and with induction bottom suitable for all cooker types. Beautiful glass lid with silicone rim and bakelite handles, and of course, dishwasher safe.


Karim Rashid uses a bold color collision on the pot to combine purple and black to create a deep mystery. The tree-shaped lid adds fun to the pot design.


05 拷贝-min.jpg


The side handles are made of bakelite and are embellished with purple colors.

01 拷贝-min.jpg


The beautiful bakelite handle with the transparent glass lid with silicone rim and vent provides a clear view of the cooking inside the pot.

03 拷贝-min_edited.jpg


The inside of the pot has a non-stick Teflon coating or for more professional use, plasma ceramic coating to ensure safe and easy cooking; the exterior is coated with a high-temperature silicone coating to extend its life.


Body: Forged Aluminum

Interior coating: Teflon Classic

Exterior coating: Silicon Polyester

Thickness: 4mm

Lid Type: Tempered glass lid with silicone rim

Handle: Bakelite

Bottom: Induction


16 saucepan: 160×75mm

24 casserole: 240×110mm

28 casserole: 280×120mm

20 frypan: 200×43mm

24 frypan: 240×48mm

28 frypan: 280×53mm

28 deep frypan: 280×75mm