Real power and a real display.

Good hand blenders make soups faster than you can eat them.

In all honesty, you don’t need an outsize kitchen machine to make tasty soups – just a good hand blender. A heavy-duty stainless steel blender is never happier than when whizzing soups or hot dishes: all you do is put your ingredients into bowls, then chop, fine-chop, liquidize, cream or whip to your heart’s content – all without exchanging accessories. Our hand blender has 800 watts of power, and weighs a hefty 1.4 kilos – enough to overcome even the most unwilling of ingredients.


Finding hand blender recipes is far easier than finding a decent hand blender for challenging jobs like milk foam, beaten egg whites or mayonnaise!

By decent, we mean one with an elegant LED display that shows the exact mix time, as well as what gear you’re using. One with five speeds and an on-demand turbo.

One that won’t run hot when handling hard and sticky ingredients. Ours is the only hand blender out there that gives you all that. It even has a Soft Start feature for smooth power take-up (like Launch Control in F1 racing cars).

After all, you want to blend stuff – not clean the kitchen.

Crunching ice cubes with stainless steel blades is great fun, but crushed ice has other benefits too.

As anyone who’s tried it on a swelling knows, crushed ice cools far more effectively than cubes (another good reason for buying a hand blender).

Of course, cocktails like Caipi and Piña Colada also benefit from the larger surface of the ice fragments, which are ideal for diluting very strong or thick cocktails.

Most people soon progress from crushing ice to crushing deep-frozen berries, which is no problem thanks to the stainless steel blender base. Just don’t try glaciers or polar caps!




From the motor to the blades, our hand blender uses stainless steel wherever possible throughout the 800 W power chain. It goes through ice cubes, nuts, tough or hot ingredients like butter; no plastic blender base would survive that.



Hand blenders that start aggressively can redecorate your entire kitchen in seconds. Our 800 W hand blender has a Soft Start feature for smooth, gentle power take-up to the rpm you select.



Even the hottest blender base needs to be removable for thorough cleaning. We recommend holding it under a tap. People who love blades don’t put them in the dishwasher.




Most cups can measure accurately and pour without dripping. Ours is made of BPA-free plastic too, which is good to know. Thanks to the aroma-proof lid, you can even use it for storage. Why do things by halves?



Potatoes again? Why not mash them up for a change? Our slim stainless steel blender makes fine purees from boiled fruit or vegetables and is ideal for preparing compotes, dips or baby food.


800 Watt power
5 speeds plus turbo boost
Digital dial with LCD display indicates runtime and speed setting accurately
RPM start-up control for clean mixing
Quality housing with stainless steel applications
Ergonomic comfort grip for easy, safe handling
Slim, removable stainless steel mixer base for easy cleaning
Durable, high quality stainless steel blades – suitable for crushed ice
Illuminated buttons
EAN: 4250812803191