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The design of dishwasher safe dinnerware settings is inspired by the shadow. The plate has a round chassis. The irregular design on the edge of the plate is like the overlapping shadow of the chassis under different angles of light. The edge of the plate is decorated with the same color lines. The combination of the plates makes the appearance of the plate look more layered, fuller, and full of tension.


Karim Rashid uses shadow as a source of inspiration for the plate design. The bottom of the plate is a perfect circle. The irregular lines on the edge of the plate are like the overlapping shadows of the chassis under different angles of light.


Dinnerware Bonchina_2_Page_08.jpg


The plate can be safely placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.


 Bone China


Small plate
Size: 205 x 230 x 17.6 mm

Tea Cup
Size: Ø 100 x 60 mm

Dinner plate
Size: 256 x 286 x 17.6mm

Size: 126 x 113 x 17.2mm