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Kreate By Karim high end and fashionable design, a combination of 26" + 20" luggage, 20”, can be packaged in 26" luggage. Luggage body is made of PC strong and anti-scratch material. High-quality Built-in safety TSA lock, strong and durable 8 x 5.5cm double wheels which can rotate 360 degrees to ensure their smoothness and noiselessness, moving high-quality light and stable lever. 20" & 26" luggage handle is the same height after extension. For convenience use, USB hub with two ports is equipped in 20" luggage, which can easily connect to the power bank.


The surface of the trolley case is covered with a Karim-style abstract texture pattern. The free-flowing organic shape and the bold and bright colors alternate and overlap each other, colliding with a product of technology and aesthetics, which is very interesting, and it is also full. Interpretation of the beauty of the flowing flow in the digital age.


Kreate Luggage_2018_Page_035_edited.png


The wheel of the trolley case is a universal wheel that can be rotated 360o freely and is very flexible.



The interior is printed with the iconic icon of Karim Rashid's original icon.

Kreate Luggage_2018_Page_031_edited.png


The handle is easy to stretch and ergonomic and comfortable to the touch.

Kreate Luggage_2018_Page_034_edited.png


The interior is printed with the iconic icon of Karim Rashid's original icon.

Kreate Luggage_2018_Page_036_edited.png


The kreate by karim logo is marked on the top of the cabinet for easy identification.

Kreate Luggage_2018_Page_106_edited.png


In order to facilitate the passengers to charge, the intimate designer also has a USB interface in the lever position of the 20-inch luggage box. The user can put the charging treasure in the box in advance, and once the mobile phone has no power, the mobile phone can be charged through the interface.


Polycarbonate 100%

Lining: Polyester 100%


20" Dimension: 56,5x37x22cm

26" Dimension 67,5x45x27,5 cm (+4cm)