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Living Total Brand 'Kreate by Karim' is a new brand launched in 2016 based on the philosophy of design that can change the world.

Kreate by Karim


The #1 industrial designer in the world is Karim Rashid. His outstanding design work on products for EOS Lip Balm, Bobble Water Bottle, Method Soap, and Vitamin Water are world renowned. He is now entering a new product realm called “Kreate.” Kreate is Karim’s own personal brand.

Kreate is Karim’s’ image of tableware and kitchenware as well as other home products. Kreate is also Karim’s own designs of a new collection of luggage and backpacks. Kreate is his own personal brand and features his broad diversity in design. Kreate is growing and evolving to become more than just color and shape – it is a way of using everyday items to celebrate life.

His designs are based on social behaviors, physical interactions, contemporary forms, and Karim’s own vision of human culture. Karim is the ultimate designer who can propel us into a better life through design. Karim believes that the beauty of this vibrant life is the broad diversity and choices we have. We can express ourselves in color and lack of color alike.

Karim is the ultimate designer, and his team has enlisted some of the greatest designers that come from New York, Korea, Italy, France, and Shenzhen to join with him. Designs are brought to market and to you by Karim and his spectrum of designers who are creative and hard-working. They bring concept into creation, and then into your home. This team is professional and visionary.

Karim Rashid believes, “Everything we design should be about smartness, beauty, and perfect function. In order for companies to succeed in future, they must utilise technology seamlessly to create new traditions, shape new experiences, embrace and take ownership of their own brand culture."